Why Airborne?

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In an effort to keep our customers, their customers, potential customers and you safe from airborne viruses and pathogens such as the coronavirus, we started Airborne Shield as a way to bring PuraShield’s line of medical grade, industrial-strength air filtration systems to a broader market.
From the PuraShield® Mini, that was developed specifically for cars, vans and SUVs and leverages both UV and PuraShield’s patented filtration process to destroy airborne threats in your vehicle to the PuraShield 500 and PuraShield 1000 units that have been deployed on the frontlines in hospitals and nursing homes around the world, since the spring, and we’re now able to make these units available to you.
Let us help you find the right solution for your home, school, business or car. Contact us at sales@airborneshield.net